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Name:A community for discussing christianity
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Community description:A community for discussion about christianity open to christians, other faiths, agnostics, atheists

The purpose of this community is to show respect for anybody who is on a spiritual journey, or a journey through their life, and wants to ask questions or share thoughts about christianity. The aim is support and kindness and encouragement, with an understanding that everybody has insights to share, and this community is not here to endorse one version of christianity, or to marginalise those who have no faith, or have a different faith, but to help one another with honest and open discussion about christianity. This community accommodates very traditional or conservative or orthodox christians and christian traditions, but is equally open to liberal and emergent christians, to agnostics, to atheists, to people of all kinds of faith - providing they are coming here to talk about christianity, to learn and share with insights about this faith.


You can join this community automatically - it's an open membership at the moment. It would be also great if you care to drop me a line at: lochnagar (at) gmail dot com (obviously turning that into a proper e-mail address) if you'd like to tell me about your church connection or other reasons for wanting to join this community.


The spirit of this community can be summed up in a few words: love, respect, difference, diversity, share, honesty, kindness. It's the ability to listen to others without necessarily agreeing; the maturity to express a different view without hostility; the love to try to encourage someone patiently; the right to be different; along with some common sense, humour, cheerfulness, warmth. These are the sorts of things that I hope will prevail in this community.


The following things edge you towards getting banned or suspended, completely at the moderator's discretion:

Trolling, spamming, flaming, aggressive bad language, personal insult about a person as opposed to their views, excessive insult of someone else's beliefs, telling someone else they are not a christian when they think they are, language that seems unkind and against the spirit of this community, racism, sexism (but allowing for diverse biblical views on the roles of men and women), homophobia (again allowing for diverse theological views but not allowing for hate), transphobia, islamophobia, any demeaning and insulting language directed at someone else's sincerely held faith or humanism, deletion of messages (if you post something, have the guts to defend it, don't delete it - by all means post a clarification). Other negative attitudes that subvert the kind and supportive aims of this group, and the willingness to engage politley in dialogue and listen to diverse views. One other thing - this is a christianity forum, so clearly you may be banned for sacriligious profanities against Jesus, or for anything I judge to be negatively related to the occult.


If you feel that a post is offensive, or contravenes the spirit or rules of this community, or would like to contact me on any other issue (or if you have a good idea!) then mail me at: lochnagar (at) gmail dot com
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